Richard’s journal

It seems like I always have a camera in my hands. This comes from the many years I used photography in my personal and professional life.

In my first job, as a newsman at KYTV in Springfield, Missouri, I daily shot movie footage of events throughout the Ozarks. I always carried a still camera too.

In my second job as Director of Public information.

I used a camera daily to record what was happening in the Springfield, Missouri, Public Schools.

My familiarity with a camera served me well when I retired in 1995 and started traveling around the world.

You’ll find some of my photographs in My Albums on this website. They will change from time to time. Take a look. I’m happy to share my experiences.

You’ll also find some random thoughts in Desert Journal, blog about what is happening in my life today as a senior citizen.

To learn more about my current activities read my blog, Desert Journal, here.

On a small plane flying from Nairobi to Samburu in Kenya.

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